Navarro County Mediation Services

The potential benefits offered by the mediation process make it a worthwhile first step when attempting to resolve almost any type of civil dispute. In most situations, the key to achieving a successful outcome is choosing the right mediator.

Admitted to practice in 1983, Corsicana mediation lawyer Kerri Anderson Donica has spent the majority of her legal career focused on providing family law and criminal law services to clients in Navarro County and surrounding portions of Texas. Her experience and track record of success as a mediator is nearly as extensive and includes countless judicial appointments and referrals from other attorneys.

The practice itself is comprehensive and encompasses virtually every type of civil dispute, including:

  • Family law and divorce mediation
  • Personal injury mediation
  • Victim/offender mediation
  • Business dispute mediation
  • Property owner/real estate-related mediation
  • Insurance claim mediation
  • Employment mediation
  • Landlord-tenant mediation

Over the years, the vast majority of mediations Ms. Anderson Donica has conducted have ended with the parties agreeing to a resolution. Her knowledge of the law, commitment to fairness and ability to keep everyone at the table focused on what's important are the qualities that have helped make that happen time and time again.

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For more information about our civil mediation services or scheduling, call The Law Office of Kerri Anderson Donica at 903-229-4109 or contact us online.

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