Navarro County Divorce Attorney

Whether you're facing the prospect of getting divorced for the very first time or you've been through the process before — you probably have some difficult questions, concerns and emotions weighing on you.

At The Law Office of Kerri Anderson Donica, in Corsicana, Texas, we understand the personal aspects of divorce as well as we do the legal issues. It's knowledge that stems from more than 30 years of experience in the family courts of Navarro County and surrounding areas, and it can help make this process a lot less stressful and frustrating for you in just about every respect.

Empowering Clients And Working Hard
To Achieve The Best Possible Results

Even a relatively straightforward uncontested divorce case involves many important details and considerations. We believe in empowering clients to make the best decisions for themselves (and best for their children) with clear answers, explanations and information regarding their rights and options. We also offer clients the benefit of an experienced legal perspective, but ultimately, each client is free to make the choices he or she feels are best under the circumstances.

In contested divorce cases, where heated emotions can quickly turn a minor difference over a property division, custody or child support term into a win-at-all-costs turf war — attorney Kerri Anderson Donica keeps the focus where it belongs and helps our clients do likewise. This minimizes delays and expenses, as well as the emotional and psychological toll this process can have on everyone concerned.

We work hard to achieve the best possible results in every one of our Corsicana contested and uncontested divorce cases. We'll do no less for you.

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