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Every parent, married or unmarried, wants what's best for his or her children. At the same time, it can be very difficult for parents who are in the process of ending a relationship to find common ground regarding their children. Working with an experienced lawyer can change that. In fact, it's probably the single best investment you can make right now for protecting your children and the future you want to share with them.

At The Law Office of Kerri Anderson Donica, we're committed to protect the best interests of both our clients and their children. This is where we keep our focus. And it's one of the keys to our success in achieving that result on a consistent basis — and even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Experience is another important key. Our attorney, Kerri Anderson Donica, has been representing her own clients in the family courts of Navarro County for more than 30 years and serving as a court-appointed mediator for decades.

Need-To-Know Information

  • Children do better when both parents play a healthy, active role in their lives. Texas family courts recognize this and prefer shared custody arrangements.
  • In Texas, the concepts other states call "legal custody" and "physical custody" are known as "conservatorship" and "possession." The meanings are essentially the same, however. Conservatorship is usually shared and involves decisions concerning the welfare, education, health care and financial needs of children. Possession, on the other hand, refers to parenting time (i.e., custody and visitation rights) and may be awarded solely to one parent or shared equally.
  • Litigation, while sometimes necessary, can be very expensive and can cause enormous emotional and psychological damage to children who experience it. In the vast majority of cases, everyone concerned will be better served by and happier with an out-of-court agreement.

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Whether you're seeking legal representation for a divorce or need to obtain a modification of a custody (possession) order — we're here to help. Call us at 903-229-4109 or contact us online and schedule an initial consultation with Corsicana child custody attorney Kerri Anderson Donica today.

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